There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. This is one of my favourite things to do and part of the reason I decided to start Teale Teas.

My name is Brooke and I am the owner of Teale Teas. I am a vintage old soul who would love to spend my days as an English Duchess running charities and attending garden parties and balls if I could – I cant quite do that so I thought I would bring a bit of fancy back to everyone’s lives with Teale Teas, a range of tea blends and beautiful tea sets.

I have been married to an amazing man for over 6 years now and we have a sassy little 8 year old daughter together. I am also step mum to a 20 year old head strong (read: smart arse 😉 ) daughter and a fly by the seat of his pants 12 year old son. Together we are a very close family who love spending time together.

I was a book keeper for over 10 year and although it paid the bills, I felt I was missing out a lot. When our daughter started school I realised that I was missing out on a lot more. It is difficult to get time off work for things like school assemblies, sporting events and concerts when you are working full time. I decided at that point I needed to change my focus and spend more time at home. I started a cleaning business, which I still running today. It gives me the freedom to spend more time with my children and attend their different schooling events and busy social lives.

I am able to be home to cook dinner and spend it with my family without the constant worry about whether I missed something at work or worrying about the amount that I need to do the next day.

Although I love my cleaning business and it has given me a lot of freedom – I still had that feeling that I was missing something. I wanted to be able to find the perfect work / life balance – Don’t we all!

That is when I started thinking about my hobbies, the things I loved and how I could incorporate one of these into a business. My one big dream in life is to open a little vintage tea house, but that is the big dream and I needed to start small and that is when I came up with the idea for Teale Teas.

Everyone loves a good cup of tea, sipping it from good quality china having a homemade scone or biscuit with it. I want to be able to give everyone a chance to experience this. My goal for Teale Teas is to be able to set up high tea and tea parties that people can attend either on location or in the comfort of their own home. They can try the different tea blends and spend quality time with their friends and family and enjoy what I do every time I brew that perfect cup.

The first step towards this is educating people about tea and the benefits of it and also providing an online space where people can purchase the different tea blends, tea sets and all the accessories you need to feel like a Duchess sipping your tea.

Tea is more than just the standard English breakfast that you get at the local coffee shop. There are hundreds of different tea blends that you can make and many of them not only taste great but also have various health benefits.

I want to help introduce you to the world of tea, the wonders of it and help you to experience the benefits of drinking tea.

I am so excited to be starting this journey and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Much love