There are many different ways that you can celebrate an occasion. You can choose to have a big party, a family dinner or something a little more sophisticated.

A type of event that is becoming a very popular choice for occasions such as baby showers, bridal showers and female birthdays is a High Tea.

High Tea has been around for a long time and it was a way where ladies of the towns could get together and have a catch up over a range of teas and bite sized foods.

Their popularity is growing again and for great reason – they are a lot of fun.

Let us help you create an amazing High Tea!


What is High Tea?

High tea is an event where you are able to relax, wind down from your day to day life and enjoy the company of others whilst enjoying yummy foods and teas.

The food that is served at a high tea is bite sized and arranged on tiered plates.

High tea is normally set up in a well-lit area with a lot of sun and fresh air.

The tables are all set with plates, cutlery and of course proper teacups and teapots.


What is included in a High Tea?

A High Tea includes not only tea but also an assortment of foods that you can try.

The tiered plates that they are served on not only look gracious but also help you to know the order in which to sample the foods.

The lower plates are normally filled with savory treats such as salmon, bagels and sandwiches.

As you work your way up the tiers you are then given the chance to enjoy the sweeter treats on hand.

The middle tier can include foods such as scones with fresh cream and jam.

On the top tier is where you will find the range of desserts including eclairs, tarts and chocolate goods.

Throughout the high tea you will also have a range of different tea to drink and sample.

Using your teacup and saucer will make you feel a million dollars whilst sipping your tea.


What makes a High Tea successful?

Creating a successful High Tea is more than just having yummy food and hot tea to drink.

A successful high tea comes from the attention to detail that is used throughout the whole experience.

Creating a High Tea should be looked at as if you are creating a piece of art.

When creating your table for the high tea, use good quality china and cutlery and steer clear of plastic or disposable items on the table.

Instead of paper napkins, use material napkins that match in with the colours of the china on the table.

Adding in flowers or decorations in the same colours will also help achieve the elegant look.

The bite size foods on the tiered plates are also a big part of the high tea and making them look as elegant as you can will help create the successful High Tea you are going for.

Things such as making sure they are cut the same size, icing perfect on top and adding things such as gold leaf or rose petals will help make the treats look and feel like they belong.


As an attendee?

If you are attending a High Tea, you need to also make sure that you are keeping with the elegance and upholding a high level of etiquette during the High Tea.

Turning up in tracksuit pants and a hoodie is not the look that the host is wanting to achieve, so make sure that when picking your outfit for the day – it is one that is suitable for the event.

Using your saucer when drinking your tea, appropriate utensils for choosing food and using your napkin when needed are all ways to act during a High Tea.


The ultimate High Tea experience!

High tea, although elegant and upper class looking is still a great way to get together with friends, have a good old laugh and chat and unwind from your day to day life.

It is a way to enjoy yourself whilst feeling special and doing something out of the ordinary.

If you have not hosted a high tea or attended one – we highly recommend it!