Drinking tea is a past time that has been around for hundreds of years. Drinking tea is more than just brewing a few leaves and having a warm drink. Tea is used in many social situations and is offered when you have guests come over. It is also a way to spend a bit of time on your own, sipping your tea and relaxing. Drinking tea is also a great way to help calm nerves and cope with different feelings and emotions that you may be feeling.  

There are dozens of different types of tea available, they have different tastes and, in many cases, the different teas can help with different ailments and moods that you are experiencing. Studies have shown that drinking tea can help alter moods and help you to overcome moods that you are not happy with. With the number of different teas available it means that you are able to match a type of tea to almost any mood that you may be experiencing.  


How does it work? 

The bio-enzymes in tea have been researched and shown to help with the different moods that we experience throughout our lives. Drinking tea has shown to increase the feeling of relaxation and calmness.  

The different properties in the different types of tea (whether it is black or green teas) react with the body and the different ingredients help with different feelings throughout the body.  


How do I match tea to my mood? 

There have been a lot of different studies done that show which teas and ingredients in the different teas work on the different emotions on the body. All types of tea including blends made from black tea, herbal teas and green teas have different effects on the body and all have their benefits to the body.  

The first thing to do is determine the feelings that you are feeling and identify the ones that you want to change or decrease. From there you can either purchase a blend specially made for assisting with those moods or you can create a blend yourself that you will enjoy drinking and will also assist with the moods. 


What are some of the common teas to match with different moods? 

There are a number of popular teas that are recommended for different moods with proven results. Some of these include: 

Chamomile – Helps to assist with stress and needing to destress from different emotions.  

Lavender – Helps with being overtired and assists with getting a good night sleep. 

Ginger – Helps with different stomach problems including feeling nausea and upset in the stomach.  

Lemongrass – Helps with the feeling of depression and decreasing the intensity of it. 

Black tea – Helps with lack of energy and boosting the level of energy that you have.  


What if I don’t know what mood I need to match? 

It is difficult sometimes to understand our feelings and how they are making us feel. We can not always pinpoint our mood and how to relieve it.  

If you are unsure of what you are feeling and what mood you are in, a blended tea with a number of different flavours can still assist and help to elevate some of the feelings that you are experiencing.  

It will not hurt in any way to have a tea blend with different flavours in it and it will not cause side effects or make your moods worse (unless you are allergic to an ingredient) 


Tea drinking is a past time that is again becoming a lot more popular. People are choosing tea over coffee as there are many benefits to drinking it and it is a healthier alternative to coffee. 

Instead of sticking to your standard black tea, why not step outside the box and try a few new flavours. You will be surprised how many flavours there are available and the benefits that each one holds.  

You never know you may find a new flavour that you fall in love with and not only makes you feel good whilst drinking it but it could also better your mood and assist with those various emotions and feelings that you are experiencing.  

Stay calm and Drink Tea