Drinking tea can be seen like an art. There are many different blends you can mix together, different ways that you can drink your tea and also different ways in which you can make it. 

The type of tea that you are drinking and the way in which you brew it can completely change the flavour of the tea. Many people will simply boil the jug, pour the water in with the tea leaves or tea bag for a minute or two and then remove the leaves from the cup. This can of course provide you with a flavoursome cup of tea however it may not give you the full blend that you were looking for and you may miss out. 


What is tea? 

Tea is a drink that is comprised of steeping leaves in water to create a flavoured drink. Most tea began with the leaves coming from the Darjeelings leaves however now with many different teas blends on the market you can also get teas that are made up of different flower and herb extracts as well.  

The leaves are steeped in water for various amounts of time and in a various degree of hot water to create the blend that you are looking for.  

With the different types of tea available also comes different ways of drinking tea. Some tea you are able to add milk and sugar to it and it becomes a creamier taste. Other teas you can drink either warm or cold. 


What is tea brewing or steeping? 

The process of brewing your tea or steeping your tea is the process of adding the water to your tea leaves and letting the water draw the flavour out of the leaves.  

This is typically done with warm or hot water and the leaves are left in the water for a couple of minutes, however you can also brew your tea overnight in cold water stored in the fridge if you are looking for a cold tea option.  


How long should I brew my tea for? 

The length of time that you brew your tea for typically will determine the flavour that you get in your cup to drink. 

Most tea companies will have their instructions on the packet to tell you how long to brew your tea for and this is a good starting point however it is not gospel and you can change the brew times based on your own personal preferences. 

Most teas you should brew for a minimum of 3 minutes so that you are getting a good amount of flavour in your cup. If you are adding milk to your tea or if you are wanting a stronger cup of tea than it is best to leave it brewing for up to 5 minutes. 

You can also over brew your tea and your leaves can start to get a burned taste to them and it can ruin your cup of tea. If you are using boiling water when making your tea, take this into consideration when it comes to your brewing times. 


Herbal teas do not generally need as long to brew and the flavour comes through quite well. 

Cold infused teas also only need a few minutes to brew as they are designed to be made using cold water. 


Tea drinking and tea brewing is just like an art. Play around with different ways of making it, experiment a little and find what best suits you and the mood that you are in. You may want a strong black tea today but a milder cup tonight with milk added.  

There are so many different combinations and it is up to you to find the ones that you love and find out the best way to make it so that it suits you. 


We are happy to chat about the different blends that we offer and with each tea listed there is a brewing time and ingredient list you atht you find the perfect blend. We have tried a lot of tea (I mean A LOT) and we have come up with some pretty good processes for getting a good cup each and every time. 

Happy Brewing