Do you ever just crave a sweet, creamy, warm chocolatey taste? Don’t worry so do I!

Tea will always be the love of my life, however there is another love that I have. A good old mug of hot chocolate. Not only does a hot chocolate warm you up on the outside, it also warms you up on the inside.

A good mug of hot chocolate can help make you feel warm and fuzzy, it can help with the feelings of stress and can be the overall pick me up that you need at any time of the day.

There aren’t quite as many types of hot chocolate as there are with tea however there is still a taste that suits almost anyone.

Milk Hot Chocolate

For those wanting to stick to the basics and have a traditional hot chocolate than this is the one for you.

A creamy hot chocolate make from a milk base with milk chocolate flavour will have you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside and out.

If you have a milk frother you can make your hot chocolate that little bit fancier and creamy by frothing your milk before pouring it into your mug.

White Hot Chocolate

For those with a sweeter tooth than a white hot chocolate is the one for you. White chocolate has a sweeter taste to it and when made into a warm drink is ever so delightful.

Again make your hot chocolate with a warm milk base and  pour into your mug to enjoy.

Why not add some milk chocolate shavings on top to create a yummy rich taste for that first sip.

Dark Hot Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very popular and you can even enjoy this flavour in a warm mug of hot chocolate.

By using a dark chocolate in your hot chocolate, you are creating a strong, rich taste that you can not only taste but can feel as well.

A shake of cinnamon sugar on top of your dark hot chocolate will give an extra kick to the flavour as well.


The great thing about a hot chocolate is that you can add many different flavours to the hot chocolate base to create a new flavour. This not only creates a new flavour to enjoy but it also makes the experience of drinking hot chocolate that little bit more exciting.


Adding marshmallows to hot chocolate is a very popular thing to do, most cafes will add a marshmallow or two when making your hot chocolate. The marshmallow is added as soon as the hot chocolate is made in order to let the marshmallow start to melt and create a delicious gooey goodness on the top of your hot chocolate.


Vanilla makes everything better! Adding a little bit of vanilla to your hot chocolate will help to create a creamier taste that you will want to keep going back for. The vanilla when added creates a hint of extra flavour in the background which doesn’t overpower the chocolate but compliments it.

Peanut butter

Who doesn’t love the taste of peanut butter and chocolate together? By adding a small spoon of peanut butter and mixing well you are able to recreate that chocolate bar taste that you love in a drink that you love.

Make sure you had the peanut butter as soon as you make it so that it melts down in the heat of the milk.


Choc mint is a flavour that many people love and it can be used in cakes, biscuits, chocolate bars – so why not in a hot chocolate as well?

By adding a few drops of peppermint flavour to your hot chocolate you can recreate that choc mint flavour that you love and drink it until your heart is content.

A fun and exciting way to create your hot chocolate is also by using a hot chocolate bomb.


A hot chocolate bomb is a hollow ball of chocolate that is filled with marshmallows. You simply place the ball into your mug and then pour the hot milk over the top. The hot milk then starts to melt away at the chocolate ball creating your hot chocolate base. Whilst this is happening the marshmallows start to rise to the top and go gooey.

Want to know more? Find the hot chocolate bombs on our website now.

Hot chocolate – the other love of my life.