Picture a quiet and laid-back afternoon at home, with a hot cup of tea clasped between your hands and a good book on your lap. Perhaps you want to try hosting a luxurious tea party with your friends so you can feel like ladies of royalty. Whatever tickles your fancy, we can all agree that drinking tea warms us up from the inside out. It is truly healing and refreshing.

I founded Teale Tea’s to share my love of tea with everyone. I believe that tea and the whole experience of enjoying and making it should be authentic, pure and therapeutic – just as nature intended. I use organic ingredients as much as possible and quality materials to stay true to its origins. Everything is also handmade and can be customised according to your preference.

We hope that you enjoy looking through and recreating a soothing and fancy tea experience in the comfort of your own home. My products include teabags, gift boxes (coming soon) and more.


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